Education, training & employment

Refugees face the major challenge of developing a professional education and training offer that is relevant and adapted to the needs of society and businesses. The host country must meet the aspirations of refugees, who have the rights for education as for their fellow kenyans.

Our support in the education sector focuses on technical and vocational education and training, which is considered a priority domain for the country’s development as it needs a qualified workforce. Special attention is paid to gender equality in our education projects.

  • In Congo, Vastare Foundation has supported the construction and operation of Vastare Village, a safe and nurturing place for children and young mothers who have escaped from armed groups, sexual violence, or extreme poverty. The village provides them with shelter, education, health care, and psychosocial support, as well as opportunities to learn new skills and participate in community life.
  • In Kenya, Vastare Foundation has launched the Vastare Scholarship Program, which aims to provide access to quality education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, especially girls and children with disabilities. The program covers the tuition fees, school supplies, uniforms, and transportation costs for the selected students, as well as mentoring and counseling services.
  • In both countries, Vastare Foundation has organized and facilitated the Vastare Youth Forum, a platform for young people to express their views and opinions on issues that affect them, such as child rights, gender equality, peace and security, and climate change. The forum also enables them to network with other youth leaders, activists, and influencers, and to advocate for their causes at local, national, and international levels.

Every child, child has the right to live free from violence, exploitation and abuse.